Thank you for your interest in working with us.

Please be aware of the following:

We are a drug free workplace. If you decide to do drugs, that is your choice, but we have a zero tolerance policy. Our work environment can be dangerous enough without you being impaired.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not care what gender, race, or religion you are, as long as you care about the work you do and perform up to our standards.

Some positions with us do require the ability to stand for long periods of time, lift heavy objects, be outdoors in all weather conditions, climb very tall ladders, and go into dark confined spaces. These are critical aspects of these jobs and if you are unable to perform those activities, we can not consider you for those particular positions.

Almost all positions within our company require that you have a valid driver's license. We have a preference for those with a clean driving record.

You will be subject to a background check including criminal history. As long as you are honest about your past, and any mistakes you have made will not compromise the position you are applying for, we will consider all applicants. Some positions, especially those involving you going into clients homes unsupervised, will require a clean criminal history.

We are a family friendly environment. What we mean is that if you have a family, especially with small children, we will be understanding of any complications that arise from that. As long as critical work is performed when we need it, we are flexible as to hours worked, the need for days off to care for sick family members, etc..

We care about our employees. You ARE our company when you are with our clients. If you feel like we will take care of you and your needs, we know you will be more likely to take better care of our clients.


When partnering with Total Service, we treat you and your employees as a valuable addition to our team. It is critical to us that we find and maintain relationships with those people whose skills our clients need, that have the professionalism to maintain our reputation with our clients.

What we require:

Verifiable experience in the trade you perform.

Current Licensure where required.

Liability insurance and/or performance bonding.

Workman's Comp insurance (we will require a certificate prior to you contracting with us)

You must furnish all tools that you require to complete contracted projects.

What we expect:

A professional demeanor from all of your employees.

Courtesy and respect to all of our clients.

Promptness of arrival when there is a scheduled start time.

Communication with us about any issues with a job.

Quality work.

What we provide:

Since we demand quality work, we expect to pay quality wages.

Access to a larger customer base than you may already have.

Prompt payment upon completion of contracted work.

New jobs and work with no advertising cost.

No haggling with clients.





We are not currently seeking to fill any full time positions. If you would like to be considered for any openings that arise, please submit your resume by email to



Due to the extremely selective process we use for selecting sub contractors to work with, we are always accepting submissions for most trades.

We are currently interested in developing partnerships with:


Arborists/Tree Surgeons

Please submit your contact information to us by email at Include the trade you perform, the primary contact person's name, phone number, and email address. Please also let us know what cities or areas you primarily service.