1. Do I know what I want? A lot of people come to us with 15 different ideas of what they kinda sorta might think about doing. A lot depends on how long you plan on staying in a given place.

2. How long will I be living in the house I'm thinking of building or remodeling, or how long will our business be at this location?

3. How much growth do I expect? Are you going to be increasing the size of your family by having more children, or bringing a parent to live with you in their golden years... Or how much expansion do I realistically see for my company in the next few years.

4. How much do I WANT to spend? This question should be first in the list, but you really should consider actual needs before settling on a final target budget.

5. How much CAN I spend? This answer will truly dictate the upper limit of your project. This will determine how much space you can get, what finishes you can choose, and whether the project is viable at all.

6. How much do I HAVE to spend? Well, this actually is a question better directed at us. But we want you to know that we are not going to aim for you to max out your budget. We get a great sense of accomplishment when we can take a client and get them what they want for less than expected to spend. On time and under budget is a great goal. It also tends to get us repeat business and referrals, so it isn't completely altruistic.

1. What will it cost me?

It depends. How we approach this is through determining what you want and need, and designing a plan for your particular project. Sometimes this is as simple as measuring a deck to figure out how long it will take us to clean it, or asking you what the square footage of your house is and what pests you are having problems with. Other times it can take quite a while to come up with a detailed answer for you. Even apparently simple projects can have a wide range of prices depending on what finishes you decide on. For example, a bathroom vanity could be as little a few hundred dollars, or more than $7000.00.... it all depends upon what you want. Call or email us to get started on getting you a quote.


2. How much will it cost me to find out how much it will cost me?

Most (more than 90%) of the time the answer with us for this is $0.00. Except for very complex designs and problems we can often get you a good faith estimate very quickly. IF coming up with a price will involve detailed research or completing drawings and/or extensive time with one of our designers we may require a fee. This fee will NOT be a surprise, and you will know exactly what you are getting for your money. Often if you decide to use us, we will apply your design fees towards your project costs.


3. I just got a quote from you... am I under any obligation to use you?



4. Your quote was very different than XYZ Company's... why the difference?

First off, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Often very different materials and methods can be used to accomplish roughly the same result. We always strive to be very clear on what we are using, how we are doing it, and why we chose the method we did. We also are very stringent on adhering to permitting requirements, and also following the intent of codes and regulations instead of just the letter of the law. XYZ company may not plan on doing the same, and can cut corners that we just simply won't. A large portion of our work is where we are called out to a client's property to fix the work of other companies. It is far more expensive to tear out and fix something than it is to do it right the first time. We also stand behind our work, and we give you a written agreement with the details of how long we will warranty our work for instead of offering you a "tail light"* warranty.

*A tail light warranty is where a company's work is guaranteed until you see their tail lights pulling out of your driveway

5. How long will it take?

It depends. The size and scope of your project are the determining factors. We can often come up with a very good approximation on most of our jobs. Some tasks will take as little as half an hour to complete. Extensive large scale remodeling may take months. Once we start your project, your Project Manager will keep you updated on progress, and anything that may delay your project, such as long lead times on special materials.

6. Will I have to pay for everything up front?

It depends on what service we are performing for you. You will know before you commit to using us if we will require any sort of payment before work begins.



Before you select us to do your work...

1. What are your needs that we need to meet?

2. When are you expecting to start your project?

3. Are there any deadlines to complete your project we need to meet?

4. Do you have an expectation of what your budget will be?

After we have completed your project...

1. Have we met all your needs?

2. Was there anything we could have done better?

3. Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?